5.0 Introduction

In this chapter, that are consist of conclusion indicate the summary of findings base on our research questions as which is about our opinion to solve the problems about plagiarism in education at UMP.

5.1 Conclusion
The following are the conclusions derived from the study:

5.1.1 The causes of plagiarism

Based on the findings, it can be concluded that majority of the respondents consider most of the 2BCN UMP students probably do not know the causes of plagiarism and always plagiarize without realizing that they actually plagiarize.

5.1.2 The way to solve the problem regarding the plagiarism in education

Base on the findings, the following conclusion can be made by most of the 2BCN students prefer to educate students about plagiarism and how to avoid it as the way to prevent plagiarism. That is because most of the student didn’t know what of the effect by plagiarism. Only when teachers teach them clearly about plagiarism, they will know about plagiarism.

5.2 Recommendation

In order to reduce plagiarism in education, teachers need to play the important role to reduce that problem. Teachers should know about plagiarism very well and always advice or educate students for not plagiarize. Student actually need an advice from teachers to remind them about plagiarism and always bewares for not doing something that is plagiarized (NAME, year). Furthermore, it is recommended to have a one new subject which is call “Plagiarism in Education” in studying. From that, students will be teaching about plagiarism clearly and they will know the causes and effect of plagiarism.